Blockchain Development Helps In Upskilling Of Enterprises

Blockchain development is picking up the pace and is not being omnipresent right from the energy sector to supply chain. The year 2018 was one of the years which met with high expectations and the expansion of blockchain from crypto trade to almost all the areas of commercial business. It is now speculated that the New Year will bring in several opportunities in both business and jobs sector. 2019 will begin with The Global Blockchain Economic Forum (GBEF) which is scheduled from 28-29 January 2019 at the Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang.

The prime objective of GBEF is to commercialize the usage of blockchain technology, economic revitalization, healthcare advancement and tourism service. The event hosted by the Korea Digital Money Research Institute (KDC) and Kangwon Provincial Administration has been designed to create a public forum for the upgrade of local enterprises. In addition to this, the forum will also share and discuss the blockchain implementation and integration in various domains.

The event of GEBF will be graced by the Governor of Gangwon Province, Director of the Financial Supervisory Service, Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, Chairman National Assembly along with the blockchain enthusiasts of Korea. The blockchain development will make a direct impact on the smart economy, fourth industrial revolution and change in the life of a common man, as mentioned by Irish Tech News.

Blockchain Action Plan In 2019

According to CoinDesk, this development has begun to disrupt a lot of domains especially, finance, banking and insurance. This ledger form has already made the remittance easy, quick and secure than earlier. In fact, the blockchain has started to move towards loans, securities and several other financial products in the upcoming time.

The Senior Vice President of product at Ripple Asheesh Birla supported the fact that blockchain development momentum has been accelerated already with the help of ledger based smart contract platforms. The industry experts believe that this technology will begin in a revolution which will trigger the fourth industrial revolution.

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Blockchain Development Helps In Upskilling Of Enterprises


Blockchain development will take off at the massive scale in the coming new year with several eminent prestigious projects lined up ahead.


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