Cardano’s Project Icarus Passes Security Audit, Development as Usual Despite Split from Cardano Foundation

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has given the Cardano’s smart contracts feature, codenamed Icarus, the green light after a security audit by consistent third-party collaborator Kudelski Security. They conclude that the Icarus wallet is problem-free and completely ready to be adopted.

Project Icarus , announced in August 2018, was a reference implementation that developers could to build their lightweight wallets for mobile devices. Icarus naturally followed the Daedalus project, which was Cardano’s fully-featured wallet.

Lightweight wallets are especially useful for mobile devices because it does not require a user to download the entire blockchain, which can be many gigabytes in size. Cardano’s mainnet launch was accompanied by partner entity Emurgo’s lightweight wallet, Yoroi .

Earlier this month, IOHK announced that it would no longer be working with the Cardano Foundation, with the former stating that they were dissatisfied with the decisions and operation of the…

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