NMCCX Is India’s First Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchange

NMCCX is the first-ever member-based cryptocurrency exchange in India that was introduced in June 2018. It is a trading platform for multi-crypto exchange. At the moment, the exchange platform deals in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

The company provides traders with a two-platform exchange model, OTC and P2P, where they can trade and exchange their crypto across the blockchain network, safely and securely all under one roof. The mobile-based OTC app helps buyer/seller or user, who is not interested in high frequent trading, to trade and is serviced by Trading Member of the exchange.

The mission and purpose of NMCCX is to connect traders and franchises to the most trusted and verified trading members across the digital platform.

Why NMCCX To Buy/Sell Cryptos?

Just as in the case of normal shares, we take help from trading members to sell and purchase stocks from the market instead of dealing with the market directly. For cryptocurrencies, there are specialized Trading Members (TM) and Professional Clearing Members (PCM). Trading Member is a participant in Price Discovery Process in which high frequent trades are done depending on the latest factors affecting the value of the asset under consideration. Whereas, a Professional Clearing Member acts as a clearing house and does trade settlements like in any other conventional stock/commodity exchange

The trading members, who have years of experience, handle all the cumbersome tasks and provide client support, respond to questions and most importantly cannot be hacked even if the cryptocurrency exchange falls victim to cyber attacks, raids and scams and can be held accountable if something goes wrong.

NMCCX allows you to locate a qualified trading member nearest to your location. The trading members used by NMCCX are verified professionals, who are trained for trading on the NMCCX platform. Through these trading members, the profits of cryptocurrency trading are realized by selling high and buying low. The trading members help users to sell their cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice-versa. Most of the time these trading members are used to handle large volumes of transactions to protect the cryptocurrency from volatility.

More About NMCCX

With NMCCX, this is the first time a company is following the traditional member-trader model and matching the footsteps of NSE, BSE and MCX exchanges. They provide you with hassle-free transactions and efficient customer support for a better experience. The company guarantees the security of your digital assets on their trading platform.

Cryptocurrency exchange NMCCX is an organized and professional attempt to bring the cryptocurrency space in the Indian financial domain in a transparent and professional manner. The cryptocurrency space has been thronged by a number of exchanges which operate in a manner any improved web-based trading portal would do. But, we at NMCCX believe that providing trading platform is just one job for an exchange. We try to see an exchange as a trust which helps financial market participants realize their objective of participation in a trustful and transparent fashion. No surprises and full satisfaction are the objectives which had driven us to bring out what NMCCX today stands for.

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NMCCX To Be India’s First Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchange


NMCCX is the first-ever member-based cryptocurrency exchange in India that offers a platform for multi-crypto exchange. It deals in BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC.


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