Why Yosemite X And HSBlox Use Blockchain Technology

The blockchain Technology company Yosemite X has stated about the release of its first open-source public blockchain which will enable businesses and developers to build solutions and reduce costs. This blockchain provides greater transparency, enhanced security, increased efficiency and transactions speed to customers. It enables customers to pay for their network usage with more stable fiat currencies. It will be operated without a native digital currency.

The company creates various technical solutions in order to leverage the blockchain power with the main aim to reinvigorate the existing products and power the whole new business offerings. It helps customers not only to use the blockchain and create new solutions but also give a response to new business opportunities. It is stated that the idea behind using the blockchain just to cut down operating costs and these costs are likely to be lower than other financial transaction systems with Yosemite Public Blockchain.

The company allows anyone to participate in the reaching consensus process on its blockchain technology. Its Proof-of-Transaction consensus mechanism allows the service providers to generate many transactions and its network allows most active participants to participate in block production. These things will promote sustainable growth of the ecosystem which is operated by and for the network participants, reported PR Newswire.

The technology HSBlox has announced the launch of its CuraBlox™ solution in order to bring innovation and transparency to the healthcare ecosystem economics. It enables healthcare organizations to receive bundled payments from contracted Insurers or Employers and orchestrates episode workflows which include the movement of funds and data to/from post-acute care team providers. The main purpose behind CuraBlox is to use distributed ledger technology and smart contracts in order to the ease administrative burden along with the acceleration of value-based payment models, reported PR Newswire.

The chief executive officer of HSBlox Rahul Sharma, “Bundles are a fast-growing payment model for health plans and CuraBlox is an ideal solution to support this growth. HSBlox is attacking known complexities with its distributed ledger technology platform, the innovative workflow of the CuraBlox application, and its Smart Contract Library.”

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